The areas of Le Morimont

As a wedding venue in Alsace, Le Morimont provides several modifiable spaces to organise the different stages of your wedding in various spots located around the hotel!

The barn

The spacious barn can accommodate up to 250 sitting spots for the meal in 300+sqm. An area is dedicated to the caterer making it easier to prepare the food nearby the guests tables.

The hotel

All the equipment of the hotel is available during the evening. Some rooms can be used for  babysitting for example, while the restaurant can host the brunch the morning after.

The courtyard

The key location of le Morimont is the courtyard! It serves as the link between the different areas – from the barn to the Allée des Seigneurs, and from the accomodation to the path leading to the castle. It acts as the perfect place for a cocktail or any social activity thanks to its great space, central location, and the natural ‘shelter’ provided by the barn’s roof!

The terrace

The terrace not only benefits from being located right outside the hotel by the restaurant’s veranda but it is also a great spot to enjoy the sun, a gentle breeze, and a great stretch of grass, either for the brunch farniente or a chic picnic!

The Allée des Seigneurs

The path called ‘Allée des Seigneurs’ consists of four rows of high trees and leads to a natural clearing overlooking the valley. The perfect place for a wedding ceremony or a cocktail! This exclusive location will bring a unique touch to your wedding.

The cellar

Just beneath the barn, and directly accessible from the courtyard, the cellar is in the rain shadow and offer a very peculiar atmosphere for a celebration, a dinner or party.

The outdoor glamping

Take a shower under the stars, put your stuff in a magic tiny house and use the dry toilets for an eco-friendly stay.

And as a room, you can enjoy the cacoon tents hung in trees : there are 5 solo tents.

All this will give you the opportunity to meet the owls and squirrels who are spending time in the forest just around the next tree !

The advantages of le Morimont

  • A unique location...

    Once on the spot, you and your guests will not make use of the cars and yet you will still have access to many areas.

  • In the middle of nature...

    Le Morimont is located a few minutes away from the village, between the forest and meadows covere in flowers: you will not be disturbed, nor will you disturb anyone, even all night long!

  • With On-site accomodation...

    47 beds divided in 18 rooms and 5 cacoon tents in the forest are available on-site allowing a large part of your guests to freely enjoy the evening and night!

  • For the whole week-end...

    Feel like home!

  • And as you wish!

    Is your project out of the ordinary? Do you have special requests? Le Morimont team will meet your expectations and provide you with solutions suiting your wishes!

Services of the wedding venue in Alsace

How does the rental work?

Le Morimont is a boutique hotel open from March to December offering rooms for rent, and occasionally the rental of the barn for weddings or receptions.

During weddings, the hotel is privatised for the bride & groom’s family members & friends  in order to allow them to accommodate as many guests as possible. That way, we also avoid any external customers being bothered by the wedding party.

In high season, the rental period for a wedding is at least two days – if the Saturday is included. This way, the bride and groom have more time to welcome their guests and start preparing calmly for the wedding. The privatisation during the whole week-end allows to use and enjoy all the hotel rooms for two nights – Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday – plus the common areas of the hotel.

What is included in the basic rental

  • Rental of the 300sqm barn, lavatory and catering area
  • Support service for the providers prospection
  • Coordination on the very day
  • Lavatory cleaning and final water cleaning of the barn
  • Electricity
  • Sorted waste removal (except the glass that has  to be taken care of by the bride couple and their helpers)
  • Access to the barn two days in advance.
  • 18 hotel rooms for you and your guests (double, triple or quadruple rooms), for one or two nights (at least two nights from May to September inclusive).
  • Glamping with 5 Cacoon tents hung in trees.
  • 2 breakfasts for 51 people
  • Access to outdoor sanitary.
  • Exclusiveness of the site.
  • Acces to the hotel facilities (cold room, babysitting room, lavatory, veranda, restaurant, common areas).
  • Outdoor furniture at its location on the terrace, in front of the barn, in the lawn.
  • Lawn games (pétanque, Mölky, Kubb, Oula Hop, croquet, etc.)
  • Studiobooth.
  • Stage.

What is not included

  • Furniture in the barn (tables, chairs, to rent from an external provider).
  • The tidying up of the barn.
  • Table deco and flowers.
  • Drinks and meals.

For further advice

At le Morimont, you can meet a creative photographer, a nice graphist and a flowerist who sources her material directly through the flower farm on site.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information when visiting the wedding venue in Alsace!

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